Thursday, August 30, 2007

Heaven's Test

I was sitting in the book store, where i went after work to find a littl einspiration from the great poets. I went because I used to read lots of poetry and now i don't and there's a little ache where that part used to be fulfilled. I had chosen a great place to sit, in a small corner between the science fiction and mystery, where I set out to read a little Blake.

I had my head phones on, though I usually keep them off when I'm reading (i find that music and books are both things that demand my attention and unless you find the perfect compliment they detract from one another) but the music in the store is just loud enough to be disturbing and not at all the type of music well suited to William Blake. I was there for an hour flipping back and forth between poems, reading and re-reading aloud when a boy ambled slowly down the aisle, touching side display coming to stand in front of me.

He was small, couldn't have been older than eleven, thinish thought most children of that age group are. He leaned in and said something inaudible. I, of course, immediately assumed he was trying to get to the books behind me, especially since he seemed to look at each book as he approached with such care. I sort of leaned to get up but he spoke again. This time I removed a head phone, craned my ear closer to him, "What?"

Again inaudible. A whisper, and being one of twenty people in the world physically incapable of reading lips I of course had no idea what he may have been saying.

"What," again, this time louder.

He leaned forward ever so slightly. "Can I have some money so I can get something to eat?'

"I'm sorry, " I answered, my automatic New York response. I didn't hesitate. I didn't think about it the words just rolled off my tongue. I'm sorry. thats all, two words, so simple it was almost a knee jerk reaction. I curiously watched him slowly walk back down the aisle, the same way he'd came, touching everything he passed. Out of all the people standing around, I think I was the only one he asked. This is not a coincidence. It took me a minute to register what had just happened, another minute to process my reaction. Why didn't I ask him where his parents where, or if he was okay OR if he wanted to walk down to the McDonalds that was literally a block away and buy him something to eat.

Chances are no matter what his situation if he were really hungry....if he wanted to go to get something to eat, then of course..

I stood up and, with an arm full of books, perceded to search the store, from where i was to the children section, to the art books, back to fiction, to the cafe and around again. Downstairs. Back upstairs. Checked each corner and that quick he was gone.

Sometimes, and I'm sure its my religious background...I think the heavens are testing me. That here is a moment, where I'm presented with the option of doing the kind thing the right thing. Here is a moment to not freeze up and turn someone, let alone a child, away. And instead, I say "I'm sorry."

And the moment is over and the boy is gone.


2 Days in Paris

I was very excited to see 2 Days in Paris, an endeavor I mostly wanted to take on alone. Its sort of one of those things I do when I really want to see a movie that’s not a summer blockbuster and that I’m not sure my friends will enjoy, but a girlfriend of mine happened to be in the area and so she came along. (I have to say that I think I’m going to quite enjoy this long weekend of being alone and quiet, I always forget how much I need it.)

I want to say the movie was not what I expected, though I'm not sure what that expectation would have been. It was Julie Delpy and there was lots of talking on the streets of Paris, which sounds like another film but wasn't. The tone of the film was much more off-beat, not at all similar to the tense sexy romance of "Before Sunset." It even had a Woody Allen-esque quality, which seems almost like a fault but was carried off well by Adam Goldberg. The movie was hilarious and enjoyable but it lacked any resonance, which I felt was supposed to be imposed on us by Delpy’s occasional voice-overs which often went on a few minutes too long.

There is something to be said though, about watching a dysfunction couple, a couple that somehow stay together against all odds, the type that you watch and think "God, they deserve on another." It gives you the sense that there might in fact be someone for everyone, no matter how neurotic or insane they might be.


Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Fall Things

  • Brooklyn Book Festival: I'd actually intended to go last year , but I believe I was stuck in the suck hole that is Bay Ridge and waiting for someone to come with me. This year I might just go it alone. The line up includes poet Staceyann Chin, Hip writer John Leland, comedian Michael Ian Black and Reverend Run (no explanation needed). All of the events are free and take place Sunday September 16,2007.

  • New Yorker Festival: I've been scouring the internet for details about the line up. So far I've found conversations with Steve Carrell, Steve Martin and Bill nighy, performers Fiona Apple, Yo La Tengo and Sigur Ros (via appetizer); Sasha Frere-Jones giving a talk about Hip Hop (via music slut); and couplings of authors Miranda July and AM Homes, Salman Rushdie and Orhan Pamuk, and Martin Amis and Norman Mailer (via galleycat). The line up is always great and exciting AND they'll usually screen a few of the fall movies. The official line up will be on newstands September 10th. (I also missed this last year because I waited to long to get tickets you either have to purchase it the day tickets go on sale [September 15th] or buy them on craigslist, where you may or may not get lucky.)

  • NY Mag Fall Preview: I'm pretty sure you don't have to link to big sights like this since everyone in New york is checking them or reading the mag anyway but that won't stop me. But NY Mag fall preivew is always a good place to find some interesting going ons in the city once the weather starts to cool down. I'm particularly excited about the Kara Walker exhibit at the Whitney, but check out their list for a run down of all thats fun and exciting when its below 60 degrees.

Thats all I got.

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I’m Back…wellllll I’m not making any promises.

I know. It’s hard for me to believe as well. I’ve been getting it from a couple different people (you know who you are) about my inconsistency with blogs. It’s been a long on again, off again love affair. And while my tumblr kind of started the posting extravaganza again its not really made or well suited for longer posts, editing, commenting back and so forth. I described it more as a blog-light, its all noise for me without really signifying anything. I also recognize when I blogged more, I wrote more in general, and anything that keeps me writing has got to be a beautiful thing.

I’m also making a decision not to change the look of this blog (I like it) and not to delete my old post to cover up my spotty blogging history (I like those too). I’m also going to attempt to keep up m.i.n.e as well; just because I want to maximize my amazing dynamic presence on the web (this isn’t true but I intend to integrate the two in what will hopefully an interesting way).

So bear with me through the kinks and check back often.