Thursday, August 30, 2007

2 Days in Paris

I was very excited to see 2 Days in Paris, an endeavor I mostly wanted to take on alone. Its sort of one of those things I do when I really want to see a movie that’s not a summer blockbuster and that I’m not sure my friends will enjoy, but a girlfriend of mine happened to be in the area and so she came along. (I have to say that I think I’m going to quite enjoy this long weekend of being alone and quiet, I always forget how much I need it.)

I want to say the movie was not what I expected, though I'm not sure what that expectation would have been. It was Julie Delpy and there was lots of talking on the streets of Paris, which sounds like another film but wasn't. The tone of the film was much more off-beat, not at all similar to the tense sexy romance of "Before Sunset." It even had a Woody Allen-esque quality, which seems almost like a fault but was carried off well by Adam Goldberg. The movie was hilarious and enjoyable but it lacked any resonance, which I felt was supposed to be imposed on us by Delpy’s occasional voice-overs which often went on a few minutes too long.

There is something to be said though, about watching a dysfunction couple, a couple that somehow stay together against all odds, the type that you watch and think "God, they deserve on another." It gives you the sense that there might in fact be someone for everyone, no matter how neurotic or insane they might be.



At 9:38 PM, Blogger dqerwin said...

I don't believe you spent the weekend alone, though I'm impressed you've been writing more and it shows that you've given up some amount of that debauchery.
About the movie: the amount of safety or comfort you derive from a "significant other" of whatever degree of attachment (i.e. with words or little, shiny pieces of metal or with documents signed in a government building) will always be counterbalanced by some amount of discomfort, loss of freedom, or loss of self.


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