Sunday, April 20, 2008

Before Sunrise, Before Sunset. Paris.

Last night I dreamt that I was watching the same movie over and over again. Maybe it was everyday, but definitely repeatedly over the course of the dream (since in dreams time expands and contracts at will).

I couldn't remember the movie, but I woke up with the thought that it might have been Before Sunset.

Before Sunrise and Before Sunset are my two favorite movies ever in life, the latter weighed a great deal in my decision to go to Paris. I watched them almost exactly a year ago and the idea popped into my head to buy a ticket right then, to leave the next weekend if I could. The idea of walking with someone and discussing everything through the streets of such a beautiful backdrop struck me as one thing I infinitely wanted to experience in my lifetime. Even now, watching it again, I still have that small ache in my chest at the end. I still feel that same tug. (I watched them both again this afternoon to relieve myself of the funk that I woke up in...Definitely did the trick)

The last ten minutes of that movie, sigh...if you haven't seen it, add it to you Netflix list. You'd have bought a ticket as well.

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At 10:46 AM, Anonymous Jorge Quinteros said...

To me, one of the only reasons why I was interested in renting the movies was because of my recent trip to Paris and I felt connected because of their location. You have to admit it's rather difficult sitting through nonstop dialogue between to people but I have to admit, the movies were good

At 10:52 AM, Blogger mh said...

Never once found it difficult, through either of the movies. But I rather enjoy movies with compelling dialogue as opposed to comedies or action.

At 6:11 PM, Blogger Uma Pessoa said...

I'm going to Paris tomorrow and I was searching for the places where the movie was actually shot. I loved those two movies and they're definitely one of the main reasons why I'm going to Paris now and one day (soon) to Vienna!

I really have to go to the bookshop and the cafe!

the movies were really good. they felt really pure because they were so human. or something like that.. ah I loved it! anyway.. it was cool to find this post! :P

At 9:52 PM, Blogger mh said...

Uma, I was trying to find your email so I could correspond with you directly, but Thanks for the lovely comment. When are you headed to Paris??


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