Wednesday, August 29, 2007

I’m Back…wellllll I’m not making any promises.

I know. It’s hard for me to believe as well. I’ve been getting it from a couple different people (you know who you are) about my inconsistency with blogs. It’s been a long on again, off again love affair. And while my tumblr kind of started the posting extravaganza again its not really made or well suited for longer posts, editing, commenting back and so forth. I described it more as a blog-light, its all noise for me without really signifying anything. I also recognize when I blogged more, I wrote more in general, and anything that keeps me writing has got to be a beautiful thing.

I’m also making a decision not to change the look of this blog (I like it) and not to delete my old post to cover up my spotty blogging history (I like those too). I’m also going to attempt to keep up m.i.n.e as well; just because I want to maximize my amazing dynamic presence on the web (this isn’t true but I intend to integrate the two in what will hopefully an interesting way).

So bear with me through the kinks and check back often.



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