Sunday, April 13, 2008

Blazey and Sonya in Paris

Two or three days ago, over a glass of wine while we lounged around the apartment (maybe there wasn't wine but it seems fitting) bk turned to me with a devilish smile and said 'do you think think the courtyard by the big building is a good place to meet someone?'*

I looked up from my book and shrugged. 'Sounds good to me.' paused for a beat. 'Wait who are we meeting?'

bk just replied 'someone I know.'

And this began my two day inquisition. No question was too big or too small. 

'who are they?' someone i know
'what are their names' george and jordan
'where do you know them from' ohio
'how long have you know them' five years maybe
'are they designers' one is
'are they tall or short' they're not tall
'black or white' white
'are they like you or blazey?' me
'why are they in paris' they came to party
'where are they staying' i'm not sure

Somehow the story of george and jordan began to take a life of  its own, the gay couple from ohio, that I was reassured would thoroughly enjoy meeting. The first day we waited for them at the Centre Pompidou, I kept looking for the stylishly dressed gay couple (bk said they were like him).  They ended up not making it and we got coffee and went shopping instead.

The second day we were scheduled to meet them at four pm at Notre Dame. After going to Shakespeare and co (another blog post all together), we walked along the Seine till we reached a short bridge that connected Paris' left bank to the Ile de la Cite. I tried to not ask any more questions. 

Right as we walked into the small courtyard I saw a curly head in the distance. 'Oh my god, that guy looks just like Blazey from behind. Look at his hair, look at the way he walks. That's so weird...wait....standing with the brown haired girl that looks...sorta like sonya...these people are like their doppelgangers...bk you have to follow them and take a picture."

It was absolutely hilarious. I was so convinced that they couldn't possibly be in Paris that we followed them for a whole five minutes without it ever dawning on me that it might be them and even as Blazey turned and his face came into view my first thought was 'wow, Blazey came to paris without telling bk, friendship-fail' I had been told that he was surprising her with a weekend trip to San Francisco.

It was a great evening in Paris...not so much of a bad way to end my two weeks. Its a little weird seeing them in the Cafes and against the backdrop of all the Parisian buildings, a little weird and a lot of fun.  

Brooklyn storms Paris. 

These guys are the best at surprises. 

*(Centre Pompidou is very close to our place).



At 9:59 AM, Blogger Nicole said...

oh man... 'follow them and take their picture' ... this is too much.

At 10:04 AM, Blogger mh said...

I realized then how gullible I am.


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