Sunday, April 06, 2008

The Parisian Afternoon

This afternoon was very nice and relaxing. All of my plans usually are in flux for most of the day so I never made it to the Museum. I started walking north from my hostel and ended up at Rue de Muffetard (sp?) where there is an outdoor market quite by accident. It was one of the places and things I wanted to do while in Paris, just to see and experience. I continued walking north (hoping to make it to the Seine) bu stooped to get chinese food (because its inexpensive).

When I stopped in an older french gentleman upon realizing my difficulty ordering offered assistance and asked that I sit and eat with him. Me being me, said sure why not? Talk to more french locals get to know a bit about the culture.

Afterwards he invited me to a café to sit on a terrace and enjoy the sun light. We drank espresso talked about french poetry and literature. Talked about life. Talked about American culture and linguistics. He explained to me the importance of French Appertifs which is loosely translated into appetizers but is a very important french way of life. Its the way, he said, that he french get together and talk about life and enjoy one another's company and it can go on for hours, you eat or you don't eat, but its really about communing with another person. Enjoying company.

Then we walked to the river (it was nice to have someone point out the architecture and the nuances of the city along the way) where we sat on a very narrow staircase (his secret of course) that led straight down into the water.

I suppose for now that's it. I really would like to head to the room and take a (hopefully) short nap. Maybe when I wake up I'll call some people to see what their dinner or evening plans are...

Till later.



At 12:16 PM, Blogger Nicole said...

did you really just say.... Rue de Muffetard? I feel like, like you belong there.


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