Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Apartment Living

Monday was uneventful. I decided not to wear myself down with traipsing all around the city. Bk was coming Tuesday and I didn't want to feel rundown and tired by the time he arrived. I did check out and fall in love with the beautiful apartment in Le Marais. On a street lined with galleries and cute little shops, behind a large, tall green door (it was so parisian and interesting looking that I thought for a long while that it couldn't possibly be the place), Past two courtyards, up four flights of wooden stairs that slope and sag. Is the most charming little attic apartment.

The apartment thing is nice, it feels homey. There are wooden beams across the roof. Lots of windows, one overlooking a small terrace, that I believe we have access to, and the courtyard.z The other out across to the other buildings.  A tiled floor in the living room and kitchen, with small spanish rugs.  Two or Three big wooden amours.  A real bed (its been a week, hostel mattresses  are like cardboard) all with white linens...there is something quite charming about that. 

This morning bk made breakfast (croissants, eggs, cheese, juice).

It feels almost like living here.  Watch out. I might run away. 



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