Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Last Nights Dinner (And 3 bottles of Wine later...)

photo courtesy of jaybeekay

Last night, being the daring traveller that I am, I decided to try steak tartare. I think that because of the name, I expected raw steak, raw steak which seemed not so bad in the scheme of things, when considering how much I eat steak rare to the point that its only brown on the outside. Besides, I'm gutsy. I'll try anything once. When in Rome?

I was not expecting what I got.

Steak Tartare is raw ground beef with an egg on top, for those not in the know, served with capers, onions and parsley and sliced potatoes on the side. 

I did eat it, most of it. 

It wasn't so bad, if the texture didn't get to you. The capers gave it most of the flavor and they serve it with worcestershire sauce (i googled the spelling nic). Also the large quantities of wine consumed before (one bottle), during (one bottle) and after (one bottle) helped. 

I can still taste the capers. 

Maybe I should be a little less daring. 

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