Saturday, April 05, 2008

Last Night-Today


This morning.
I woke up.
I looked around.
Room full of guys still.
And remembered I had no Credit Card....still....right.

Majority of my day (11:30am-4:30pm) was spent on the phone with the bank trying to get an emergency bank card or cash. Finally they sent me cash and I had to literally dash to the Western Union to get a replacement. I'd love to recap last night but I think I'll save some stories to tell when I see people.

Once I got the cash I decided to make that trip to Chez Hanna on 54 Rue des Rosiers in the 4th arrondissement (Marias). I'd read about it on Voice of a City. Plus I seriously wanted to take a stroll around the 4th and check out what all the fuss was about. First, the falafel was seriously delicious and came with all sort of goodies (eggplant on top was great). Second, the 4th arr is seriously where everyone beautiful and young and paris seem to be. I'd been looking for the stylish french women (outside the champs where its mostly tourist anyway) and finally found them there. Dressed to the nines in the latest and greatest, the girls of Le Marias would give new yorkers a run for their money. The styling is similar but very different in a way I find hard to put into words. Maybe its less the outfits and more the personality or a mixture of the two intersecting.

I walked past a bar, considering as always to stop by and have a drink, and who would happen to call my name but Timothy, one of the now infamous CA boys. He'd been stopping into to have a drink while the rest of the guys made a trip up to the Eiffel tower. So we sat for a beer during happy hour and then went to dinner at Takami (sp?) on Rue De Temple, where I had a sushi and skewers of meat and cheese, it was a very weird and very delightful take on the kebab.

Following that we headed to the most scandalous club I've ever been to. I did meet lots of people from Germany, Poland. Paris is a lot like NY in that everyone is from somewhere else or visiting.

Jeff, Mick, Josh and Mick all met up afterwards and thats when I said au revoir. Too much party the night before, it was around 12am and I didn't want the subways to stop running. Leaving me stranded with no way to get to my very far hostel. We rode the subway to République (it was the moment of saying goodbye to someone four of five times, only to realize they're going the same was as you).

Tomorrow I switch hostels.

I am considering, much to Tim's encouragement, changing to their hostel (they switched this morning) instead of the very fashionable Oops (which is actually not too far away). Their's is much cheaper and I figure as long as I'm having fun why not let the good times roll.

Plus I'm ready for a little company after a week of near solitude.

When does bk arrive again?



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