Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Missing Post and Photos

Just for the record, I'm not slacking on the posting. (or only posting photographs of guys from California).

At Oops Hostel the internet is free but the connection is slow and gives out (they only allow you to use it in 30-60 min and it gives no warning when they sign you out) so I end up losing emails, blogpost and get cut off in the middle of uploading photographs.

There was a great photo taken from the coffee shop where Alexander and I shared an espresso on Sunday which overlooked the Pantheon. There was a photo of the biggest and most beautiful dog I'd ever seen, tied to a gate surrounding a huge fountain. The sign that said "beer goggles, the cheap alternative to plastic surgery."

There are also a couple of post that I've written in my head that will hve to wait as well till later.



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