Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Sunday Night, Paris Snow.

Sunday Night found me at dinner at a wonderful restaurant in Le Marais with the Cali Boys. A girl from the hostel, Brianna tagged along as well. 

The best french onion soup I've ever tasted (a bit on the salty side but I like that sort of thing).  Chicken Supreme--cooked in riesling with fabulous oniony chivey mashed potatoes. I wish I had taken a picture because they really were fabulous.  We exchanged information, finally. 

 Afterwards I attempted to go out but with a Metro that stops running at 1am and everything being closed on Sunday Nights it was mostly a failed attempt on my part. I'm not sure whether or not they ever made it out, at 12:30 I ran to catch the train and said my final goodbyes to all of them. 

What really made the evening for all of us was the snow. It snowed in Paris in April. I've never seen anything more enchanting or magical than all the statuesque 16th and 17th century architecture with snow flakes falling all around it. I wanted the weather to be warm while I was in town. I wanted there to be lots of sunshine. But it felt like a small gift from Paris to me. 



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