Sunday, December 24, 2006

A little Christmas CHEESE (okay a lot)

One of my favorite things in the world is wrapping Christmas presents. Suddenly Christmas becomes a reality, the excitement sets in, everything becomes a little more magical; as the anticipation of seeing the reaction of the people closest to me unwrap their gifts sets in, it’s impossible for me not to feel a little like a child again. But as I get older the enchantment really is in the giving (however cheesy that may sound) more then the receiving. You buy, you spend all the money, you stress, you fret, you rethink, all so that on Christmas morning you can watch people find something that they love, want, need waiting wrapped in special paper, tied in ribbons. I realize the amount of often useless rituals and consumerism that go into creating the buzz around Christmas; everything is endorsed by big corporations and marketed some time in mid-November. It’s quite a mystery why we still even give into the trees and the decorating, but keeping that sense of joy, feeling that sense of magic, just one day a year, sometimes I really believe that it’s all worth that moment. It’s all worth seeing someone cry when the gift is really thought out and emotional, enjoying someone’s squeals of delight when it’s something they desired and never thought they’d receive. The laughter, the family time, the sheer cheesyness of the moment, the fact that each moment can never be repeated and is special becuase you can show how much you love and appreciate (even if you hopefully do it 365 days a year) the people in your life.

I was raised in a great family, which has strived each year to make it just as special, if not more, then the year before and for that, this Christmas I am thankful. I still get goose bumps each year when the presents are stacked under the tree. I’m still excited for the huge family breakfast and the even huger family dinner, and being with these people that I love so much. Life is fleeting, we have to take what little pleasures we can get. I hope this is a wonderful holiday for everyone. I hope that you find yourself with someone you love dearly and can be content if only for an instant.

That’s it from me. I'm going to go pretend to be cynical and jaded to balance out all of this Christmas cheer.


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