Wednesday, January 02, 2008

The Adventures and Misadventures of West Virginia*


I suppose it happens to everyone, and while we were fortunate enough never to have made a wrong turn or missed an exit (until we got to Manhattan) over the course of two days. We were, however misdirected by google maps an hour out of the way though West Virginia into a small mountain towns on US 219. I have tried to recreate this glitch in directions a few time with no luck.

A few notes regarding being lost and a little frightened:

  • Two frightened people, who are also close friends, will do their best not to frighten the each other. So while they both may have thought they were being followed neither will say anything until they're nearly home.
  • Mountain towns are only enchanting for the first twenty minutes, afterwards the romanticism wears off and you realize that its the exact same as any small rural town, except it has a more beautiful back drop.
  • People in that part of West Virginia do only two things: go to the salon and go to church.
  • Bridges made of wood don't look safe nor do they feel safe once you're driving over them.
On a more positive note without the glitch we would never have driven through the East River Mountain, which was kind of amazing.

*and not, as the post was previously titled, Tennessee (which will likely continue to show up in everyone's reader despite the edit)

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At 4:16 PM, Blogger Ajana said...


i don't know we managed to not get lost and do our best not to freak each other out.

that was definitely the longest but best roadtrip of my post collegiate years.


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