Thursday, December 27, 2007

Late Holiday Greetings (my oddest and most liked greeting)

"you have received this, because you are in my life for a
reason...S(anta) does not need to know if you are good or if you are bad...your
"presence" in my life, has been a gift that i could never haveasked forwhat we
have shared, opened, and/or returned, with or without areceipt...doesn't
matter..."presence" is not a material thing...nor is there a return/exchange credit is givenone size does not fit all

but, it is weather-proofit is sustenanceit will quench
your longings and desires..
your presence i am thankful

enjoy the rest of this year, as if it were your
first...because next year will really bring you more understanding

trust me...S(anta) knows
Peace and

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