Thursday, December 27, 2007

Blogging Better?

I was lying down for a nap and started to think about the changes to the sight I might like to implement in the new year. I'm not completely committing to any of this yet but I thought I'd post it none the less.

  • Site Design:
    Originally I wanted to change the site design when I first started blogging again. Unfortunately, I couldn’t really think up a layout that would suit my personality, the content of the site and would look impressive enough to keep the readers attention. Now I’m feeling a little more inspired I’ve come up with a rough idea of the design and am thinking about the easiest way to implement it, seeing as I’m not a designer and only have a basic knowledge of design software.
  • Domain Name:
    I am still as of now unsure of whether or not I’d like buy the domain name, though it’s something I’d been toying with for quite some time. Though I feel it makes the most sense if I actually redesign the site. I also think that it means that I’m committing to keeping the blog active and should or would like to find ways to generate more of a readership.
  • Commenting:
    Blogs and commenting go together hand in hand but generally I’ve found that my friends/readers don’t offer much feedback (with the exception of one or two), which leads me to wander if I should keep commenting open. Without the option to comment, much like my tumblr, it gives me the freedom to not worry about that aspect of the site for a little while. At least until I get all the kinks ironed out. Its been two years and I still feel like a new blogger.
  • Content, Content, Content:
    Generating more content, keeping the content fresh and interesting, looking at my post that garner the most traffic and figuring out how to make that work. Being personal and yet still being informative, finding the balance. (Editing my content for typos and errors before posting it!)

ps: If you're wondering how I've managed to find so much time to post during the holidays, its become sort of a give and take. I go out hang with the fam, disapear for a half an hour write a bit, head back out hang for a few hours. There has always been something for me about having family near, but having the opportunity to escape into my own little world for a minute that makes the level of interaction and the amount of people I come in contact with more bearable.

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At 7:06 AM, Blogger bk said...

I think you should buy right now. if you don't then i think i'll buy it then sell it back to you for a few bucks or maybe a weeks worth of tiny cups of coffee.

I think a design change will directly affect the number and quality of the comments. there is quite a bit of change between looking at your blog and then going to comment. for some reason it throws me off and i end up leaving.

Also, i am looking forward to your new design. i was just thinking about it when before i read this entry. there are a few entries (with block quotes) that for some reason show up really tiny on my computer screen.

i those are my thoughts. happy blogging.

At 3:39 PM, Blogger mh said...

I think that means I have to abandon "Blogger" all together and start anew with a new stand alone platform and pay for hosting. Maybe its the fact of committing that makes me the second I start paying for a blog I won't want to or have time to use it anymore. (its my gym membership theory) Of course it might just end up motivating me to be more active.

I agree the "Blogger" comment page leaves something to be desired.

At 8:06 AM, Blogger .jen said...

cosign all of the above.. Blogger kills my teeny books high.


on another note, you and bk are making me inspired to put my blog back up.. but then I stop and reconsider lol


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