Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Texas and Arkansas.

I would love to say that my writing skills could make the beginning of our road trip more interesting, but I'd be lying. On our way out of Texas our anxiousness kept us from talking too much and we traveled through places both of us had been through many times. Texas is as always a hard state to get out of, its huge and flat and there isn't much to see. It was however the best part of the trip for photo taking, since the sun was shining and I was still excited to try to capture as much as possible (this is prior to remembering the limitations of my camera).

I would love to say that Arkansas was much better, but it was pretty much the same with more trees.

Dallas Zoo Giraffe (I've always loved looking at this from the highway)

Visit Paris

Rear view Sunset in Tennessee:

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awesome! more more! :)


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