Thursday, December 27, 2007

Poetry: What I Like and Don't Like

I worry that with all the new content especially during the holidays, there are plenty of posts that will get lost in the mix. That being said I can't particularly help myself, so bare with me, read and enjoy as much as you can, hopefully you'll catch up once its over. I'd seen this poem on Beatrice back in November, wanted to repost it but didn't want to steal too much of their content even though I have only a few readers and it wouldn't matter much to anyone but me.

Anyway, I came across this poem on their site and was instantly inspired to find out more about the writer, Phlip Shlutz, and the
Writers Studio in New York City, which he founded and where I would like to take classes sometime during the new year. There was a blurb about his poetry and his fiction writing that I found inspiring in the original post and this poem in particular I relate to most of all.

I like to say hello and goodbye.
I like to hug but not shake hands.
I prefer to wave or nod. I enjoy
the company of strangers pushed
together in elevators of subways.
I like talking to cabdrivers
but not receptionists. I like
not knowing what to say.
I like talking to people I know
but care nothing about. I like
inviting anyone anywhere.
I like hearing my opinions
tumble out of my mouth
like toddlers tied together
while crossing the street
trusting they won't be squashed
by fate. I like greeting-card clichés
but not dressing up or down.
I like being appropriate
but not all the time.
I could continue with more examples
but I'd rather give too few
than too many. The thought
of no one listening anymore—
I like that least of all.

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