Thursday, April 03, 2008

Dear James, I could kiss you

Dear James who mans the front desk at the St. Christopher Hostel from time to time.
Giving me a room that I can stay in without checking out every morning and rechecking into a different room every night, has provided me with a raison d'ĂȘtre. You made me momentarily forget what a suck-fest this place is, while putting me in a room with a majority of people who are close to my own age and seem genuinely interesting. When you said, I've got a bed on the 3rd floor for the next four days I didn't respond not because I'd been you so quickly assumed...but because I was seriously thinking of leaning across the counter and placing one big kiss on that lovely face of yours. I'm not sure what you magically did at the computer screen that made it possible for me not to change rooms every night, that the girl at the front desk couldn't do the day before but whatever it was, and despite the three spanish brothers/friends who talk all night like little girls, I'm grateful.



ps: Todays goal, ear plugs and one of those nifty face masks.

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