Tuesday, April 01, 2008

St. Christopher Hostel 2: Hmmmm

I've arrived at my second hostel (well I arrived at 10:30 this morning) to check in...though the check in wasn't until 2pm and of course there was no where to store bags except a small little locker area (20 lockers, 100 guests; you do the math). Apparently because of some crazy computer booking thing, I'm going to have to check out and recheck in every morning, which means gathering all my bags and trying to beat everyone down to the lockers so that I don't get stuck as I did today carting my bag around (apparently you can leave your bag in the basement at the "club" which isn't secure, but no one told me that after they told me they were out of lockers). So I went to the Cimteriere du Pere Lachaise, determined to keep my plans, with my big pink suitcase in tow. If you've ever been, I was quite the sight lugging the suit case up long flights of stairs, down gravel passageways, between graves. I had to stop and chuckle at myself every so often, I felt resilent and a little stupid, but I had fun. I'd like to go back again before I leave, sans luggage.

I'm considering checking back into the last hostel I stayed at upon first arriving Absolute Paris, depending on what happens with tomorrow's bag situation, where I won't have to change rooms and they have secure baggage storage...and each room has its own shower/bathroom. The internet is alot worse off, but the girl showed me how to make a phone card call and the staff were much more helpful then the people here.

Also I'm curious how I ended up with the only bed that does not have a curtain.

For lunch I had a pear in the Square de la Roquette and it was the sweetest thing I've ever eaten. I'm quite sleepy (still) and quite happy. (I considered taking another nap but after yesterday's accidental snooze fest I thought better of it and decided to rest in front of a computer instead)

I've also just met a girl from Canarsie, Bk...represent.

Three people have asked me if I'm British saying that I have a slight accent... I'm wondering if they mean the muffins in my mouth. One asked if I was here for fashion, I'm taking that to mean I look fabulous. The small bits of fench from my guide book have served me well and (unrelated) I'm supposed to meeting up with Sir today at five or six.

Viva la France.



At 9:40 AM, Blogger Ajana said...

that sounds like sooo much fun!!! how exciting! keep it coming!


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