Saturday, March 15, 2008

the narrative

It has been a while. In the silence of the past week I was more able to reconnect with the story, to think and imagine the narrative which drives it, to develop it more. To fine tune my mind to focus less on my own solipsistic narration (twitter on crack) and exist outside of myself in a world that, while driven by my experiences and views, stands on its own merit. To hear the characters speak and advance. To see a plot unfold in its own natural way. Its all a little staggering. And reason to be quite for a little while more.
"A need to tell and hear stories is essential to the species Homo sapiens--second in necessity apparently after nourishment and before love and shelter. Millions survive without love or home, almost none in silence; the opposite of silence leads quickly to narrative, and the sound of story is the dominant sound of our lives, from the small accounts of our day's events to the vast incommunicable constructs of psychopaths."

--Reynolds Price



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