Thursday, April 03, 2008

Today Montmartre, Tomorrow the World.

I'm taking it sort of easy today after another sleepless night. I decided that I'm tired of waking up every morning at 7:30, not doing my hair or my make up, making it out before 10 and back to the hostel exhausted around 6-7pm. Today I'm going to leave a little later, enjoy the afternoon/evening sun (its back for a moment) and see a little of Paris by night. (I'm having a hard time with this it seems and have put on and removed my jacket several times)
I'm headed to Montmartre to climb the stairs near the Sacré Coeur where I hear there is an amazing view of the city, maybe take a gander at the Moulin Rouge (I'd like to get photos for my mother). And if I'm lucky stop in the Red Light district and pick up a hooker...which is apparently what the three spanish brothers thatswoke me up five times last night were up to (she was muy caliente they said).
This is a photo of the Sacré Couer which I found online to give Blazey a reason to look at my blog.
Also I can't get the taste of the Parisian Marlboro Lights out of my mouth...its almost enough to put me off smoking completely. Almost.



At 9:19 AM, Anonymous Jorge Quinteros said...

Very nice! Girlfriend and I had a great time last year in July visiting the place. Great in the summer.

At 11:11 AM, Blogger mh said...

Yeah, I was just saying today how much I'd like to go back one summer. Things are probably much more beautiful and I'll know a little more about where to go. Plus its been a little cold and rainy, but I'm still having a great time.


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