Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Day Two: Ready


I slept nearly an entire fifteen plus shameful hours yesterday(no aj and bk I have not done the math on that, but I went to bed around 4pm and I just woke now at 8:30).

My first hostel was a great place to get rest. Only two other people in my dorm, who were both polite and quite, an adjacent bathroom that was clean with warm water. The actual hostel is in a great location that provided lots of entertainment during my walk around the city, near the republique and canal saint martin. I wondered around trying to lose myself but all the side streets seem to lead me back to exactly the same street where I started, so making my way back to the hostel when I was ready to pass out was fairly easy. I'm glad I have two weeks because I don't feel that guilty about giving my body the chance to rest and I just became excited after realizing how much there is to do and see. Today I'd like to walk up the champs to the arc de triomphe but first to make my way to the cemetiere du pere lachaise. I also got a calling card and plan on trying to meet up with Siracuse Steve (my unofficial tour guide) or my friend Cate.

Thats all. Absolutely nothing has happened yet really, but I'm leaving this hostel and need to use my internet card.



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