Saturday, December 08, 2007

Six AM

It is six am in the morning and I've been up for nearly an hour now (despite not having gone to sleep till three-ish) wondering why I can't sleep, posting a picture onto flickr, listening to the Royal Tenenbaums soundtrack (one of my favorite albums of all time), reading through my google reader items, hoping my throat stops aching and finally I decided to post to the blog since its been a while.

The past two weeks have been swallowed by holiday parties, Christmas card preparations, rolling with the homies, making plans for future excursions into distant lands and trying to find time to rest, read and write between all of that. The last month of the year always makes me eager for the year to end, no matter how wonderful it might have been; suddenly I'm counting down the final days so I can get New Years Eve out of the way and get back to living like a normal peron.

I did finish Atonement, which was absolutely my favorite book to have read all year. With the exception of the fact that I found out they were creating a movie staring Keira Knightly which ruined it halfway through, since suddenly I couldn't picture Cecilia as anyone other than her (I'm quite terrified of the film). Beyond that, the book was pure brilliance. (I wanted to write something more interesting about my analysis after having finished reading it, but I was too busy drowning in the usual sea of Jack Daniels.) After I finished it I sat at my new favorite coffee shop staring at the wall for a bit, trying to wrap my hear around what was nothing short of a masterpiece.

I did on a rather good note, finish something that I had been working on for a ridiculously long time. A lot of it was due to the lack of realism with which I undertook the project, and the spirit of perfectionism that nearly bought everything to a complete halt. Its not perfect, but you do what you can the best you can, and hope its enough.

That's All.



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