Thursday, November 29, 2007

Two Years Ago

I was reading a few posts (beloved typos and all) from two years ago on teeny books and it made me a little nostalgic. Back then, I had just started hanging out with a few new friends and reconnected with old ones. My relationship wasn't great, but it wasn't something that occupied my thoughts or my time (the fact that I had just developed a crush on a co-worker that would last the better part of a year-should have been a warning sign). I had just started writing teenybooks and was hoping to make it the next big blog (pshaw).

Even posting this, a small smile comes to my face. Maybe that's what happens when you look back at a time in life where you thought you knew so much when really, knew next to nothing. Maybe in a few years I'll feel this nostalgia again.

While riding the train this morning I listened to my favorite album of the time "Let it Die" by Feist (Mushaboom.mp3 was my favorite song) and just reflected a bit on the things I've gained, the things I've lost and the amount of perspective it's all given me.

I posted this, back in 2005, from a letter someone sent me a year or two prior, that elicited similar feelings of nostalgia:
totsuzen no deai e no kokoro kara no yorokobi to
"itsushika owaru kamoshirenai..." sonna kankaku ni obiete
soshite hitomi o mitsumeteta
nanimo wakarazu ni

The joy from my heart at our sudden meeting says
"Maybe it'll be over before I know it..." those forebodings scare me
And then I was gazing into your eyes
Without understanding anything

dore dake no omoide mo yume no you na maboroshi de
itsumademo kawaru koto no nai tojikomerareta kimi ga iru
ima mo hitomi o mitsumeteta
nanimo kawarazu ni

They're not forever changing, so how many phantoms,
Like memories and dreams, could you file away
And now I gazed into your eyes
Without changing anything
From: Gackt - Emu For My Dear



At 9:05 AM, Blogger .jen said...

I remember listening to the song "Let It Die" on repeat at least 50 times. And I wasn't even in the throes of a breakup..


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