Thursday, November 29, 2007

Write Often; Read As Much As Possible

I've been repeating a lot of things to myself lately, as I've entered a phase of self evaluation which has led me to think seriously about the bad habits I've developed, the negative ways of thinking and generally all the different things, external as well as internal, that I've allowed to be hindrances in my life.
  • Sacrifice Everything for the Clean Line
    • Posted a few days ago. Di Prima wrote about the various sayings scrawled across her wall during her beatnik days. This particular one meant that you should do whatever it took for your art. Art should be the biggest focus and motivator in you your life.
  • Write Often; Read As Much As Possible.
    • I just finished reading Murakami's After Dark a few days ago. One of the main characters, Takahashi, said his personal motto was "walk slowly, drink lots of water." As I was walking to work today, thinking about how much writing I'd accomplished in the past week and the correlation between the amount of reading I'd enjoyed, this popped into my head. The cadence is of course directly related to Muakami, something I internalized without realizing it at the time.
  • Today is a Clean Slate.
    • It helps to put things into perspective. Yesterday is gone and all I can do is work towards a better today. It seems like the simplest of things to say but to me, who was born with a natural proclivity for worrying (and anxiety attacks), it just reminds me to take a deep breath each morning and get through the day with as little baggage as possible. I still haven't stopped being amazed at how effective it is.
  • Remember Imagined Realities.
    • I would try to explain this, but its a lot to get into and I have a friend waiting for me to meet them. Maybe if I'm feeling a little less literal tomorrow...I'll go on. I will say that it has a lot to do with perception, imagination and writing.
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