Wednesday, October 31, 2007

My Favorite Things (link heavy)

A friend and I were discussing, or rather are in constant discussion about our favorite albums. He told me, when we first began talking about it, how he loved an album so much that he couldn’t listen to it with anyone for fear they wouldn’t have the same reaction. I feel that way about quite a few albums. The worse [best] being The Department of Eagles LP, Whitey on the Moon, its absolutely one of my favorite albums, as well as being on the oddest albums I’ve ever listened to. It combines the normal indie sensibilities with of say, Grizzly Bear (in which member Daniel plays) with the oddness of Fog’s Andrew Browder, and a little bit of Gorillaz thrown in (listen to Forty Dollar Rug). If you’re having a hard time picturing the sound. Just stop, please, for my sake. I can’t deal with you not enjoying it.

This is one of the few albums that I can (and do) listen to from beginning to end, over and over again. And have done so consistently for the past four years. I wanted to post a song up, but I’m at work now. Check for it later on tumblr. I'd feel more comfortable linking to their myspace page, but the new stuff their sounds a lot more like a more boring indie music. Pretty but a little uninteresting. (Check out their Old site too, there are songs still available for download there I believe)

Also I found out about the record from Turntable Lab, which is where I used to go to find out and sample a lot of my favorite music.



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