Friday, October 19, 2007

No more drinks least for a short while.

I've been doing a little self assessing and I think its time to take at the very least a short break from drinking as much as I have been. It seems over the course of October that every weekend, I'm recovering from some debaucherous evening and its been a fun, wild ride. But I think that as soon as it stops being fun, (even if it only loses its luster in retrospect) its time to take a little break.

I feel as of now that its been sort of interferring with my daily life, I have a harder time focusing on things (hence less blogging), clear thoughts are more elusive (hence less writing), its making it harder for me to get it together at work. Beyond that, lately I feel as if I've been making more and more decisions that are not exactly sound, and saying or doing things that I might feel an inflated sense of regret about. I don't want to wake up and worry what people think of me, or if I offended this or that person. It sort of ruins your memory of the night when you feel as if you behaved inappropriately.

Then there is the Autumn (even though the temperatures have thrown it off a bit) which is quickly slipping by. There are so many things that I want to do during autumn and early winter. I'd like to visit the cloisters, visit the Sackler wing of the Brooklyn Museum, go see a dramatic play, see my first opera, walk through central park in the brisk air, and so on. There is an urge that I have during this time of year (conditioned from years of schooling) to experience things that are culturally enriching and I'd like to take advantage of the desire, which I can't do if I'm too busy recovering from a night out to get my energy up.

Thats all-- just thinking it might be a good thing to take it down a notch.



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