Friday, October 19, 2007

I've finally decided to put my writing on-line.

I hadn't previously thought of it, but suddenly today I had the inspiration and so I've decided to load a few of my stories, even in all their glorious imperfections on the interweb. I've spent years being ultra selective about who I allowed to read my work due to my constant paranoia about the quality or due to the fear of judgment, but its time. If I don't open myself up now, I could possibly carry allow this to stand in the way of achieving my dreams.

Also if I blow hugish monkey chunks, I'd sort of like to know before I get my hopes all high and dedicate all my time to writing.

I'm going to be publishing it onto my wordpress blog which I previously used as personal journal of sorts (I'm taking down the old post). Hopefully, it'll be all working and linked in by the end of the weekend.

Check back for links.



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