Monday, October 08, 2007

Common and Q-tip live at Nokia

Instead of buying my best friend a gift that should could have this weekend, I decided instead to buy her an experience. Choosing to give someone something intangible that they can remember and think back on. Plus she hearts Common Big Time.

All in all the concert was Fresh! minus the first hour that we stood around waiting for Q-tip to come on. They began the night off with a DJ 88-Keys. 88-Keys apparently has a new album coming out, 88-Keys told the audience he had a new album coming out in the middle of every song. He'd start playing a beat that he'd made for Mos Def or Talib and then half way through he's stop the song, Why? Because he needed to talk more about his album coming out.

The next guy, Percee P, is from the same place J-Dilla came from. That's all. That's how they announced him, and that's all I remember. Oh and the guy in the audience who has his middle finger pointed at the stage the entire time he performed.

Q-Tip was so freakin fresh. He performed a lot of old Tribe Called Quest songs such as "Scenario" and "Find a Way", which kept everyone hyped up. He performed some of his own old songs, and songs from his forthcoming album. I'd never seen someone work the crowd the way he did, it was like an hour of dancing and sweating. He had a guy come up to the stage and perform a popular song with him as Phife. Q-tip also brought out Dres from Black Sheep to perform "The Choice is Yours." I wish I'd gotten more pictures and video from his performance but alas here is the only one. Q-tip "Let's Ride":

Then at the end of his performance Scratch took the stage and killed it. I didn't get the best part of his performance, just the intro:
By the time Common took the stage, everyone was fairly tired. To be frank, Q-tip had the better show. Tough act to follow. Although I have to say he did a fairly good job with a crowd that was losing their steam. One of the first songs he performed was Driving Me Wild:
I kept waiting for him to bring out a special guest, and there he was in all his glory Krs-One performing "The Bridge is Over":
Common, Krs-One and Q-tip all got on stage together for a freestyle:
Side note: I've never seen anyone change clothes as much as Common did, not even Kanye when I saw him a while back and he changed quite often. Every few songs, the stage would go dark and he'd come out in a completely new outfit, complete with new accessories (Malcolm glasses, a knit scarf, two/three hats, sunglasses, etc.).

Near to the end he performed "I want you" which I had been waiting for all night:
And "The Light":

There is no way to conclude this except to say sick concert, sick night

(extra song info via: Fantasy Dopegirl)

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At 12:58 PM, Blogger Ajana said...

SICK! This is the best blog post, I think I may read it everyday. Pics and videos! You ma'am...are the SHYT!

I was surprised how many times Common changed clothes also, but he was sweating profusely. was probably best for everyone. I'm so glad I had that experience. You definitely give the best b-day gifts of anyone I know.

At 1:08 PM, Blogger bk said...

thanks for the recap. i'm still pretty salty i didn't reply to your original email.

At 9:56 AM, Blogger Ouxu said...

i wish i was there too.


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