Tuesday, January 15, 2008

BBC Teaches French

So I'm trying to find a cheap and easy way to pick up a little french. It doesn't have to be conversational as honestly I wonder how conversational you can be after studying a language for 3 months, but I'd like to be at the very least be able to feel like I'm trying. There is, I think a bit of pressure for the American traveling to France to have a better grip of the language than other places. Given one, their thoughts about Americans and two, the rumors that vendors will often try to rip off people who don't speak the language. I'm not really sure whether the second is true but I'm also not sure I'd like to find out especially if I'm there alone.

The BBC lessons are fairly harmless emails that come into your box once a week. Sort of a constant reminder to stay on track. Its supposed to be completed in a three month time, which is quite fitting for my needs.



French Steps

French Steps - Tip 1

Bonjour, here's the first of our weekly emails with tips and encouragement.

If you can't read this email properly, view our online version

Tip 1

The aim is for you to complete French Steps in three months, and we'll be providing an end of course assessment (OK, it's a test) so you can see how well you've done.

Click here for a few tips to get you started:

We also suggest you find someone who can follow the course at the same time as you. Visit the tip page to find out how to use the course together.

Next week we'll be back with more tips. We hope you'll find French Steps useful and entertaining.

Good luck with your French!

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At 11:57 AM, Blogger .jen said...

Ahh, when are you going chicky? I'm going again end of this month, leaving the 31st.. planning to immerse myself in French podcast tutorials for the next 2 weeks.

At 5:39 PM, Blogger mh said...

April 1st. If all goes well. You should recommend a few places to check out that you've enjoyed on your travels.


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