Tuesday, November 15, 2005

The Truth About Bad Writing.

I try to avoid celebrity gossip (with the exception of that bit about Alan Cummings).

But hey, this is a book.

Nicole Richie’s new book The Truth About Diamonds is about a young girl named Chloe Parker who is adopted by a famous rock star and enters the world of clubbing, drugging, and media attention.

I would like to call it like it is, a celebrity autobiography** for someone who hasn’t achieved anything yet. Outside of her rehab stint, I can’t possible imagine what she has to fill 240 pages. A result of the over exposed famous-because-they’re-rich phenomenon sweeping across the nation, these people (Hilton, Laguna Beach gang, etc.) are publishing books, making records, getting roles in movies and yet never actually produce anything worth consuming beyond their names. If Richie had never become famous her book would be ridiculed by publishers, it’s juvenile, the writing is bad and it’s only relevant if you are a die hard celebrity obsessed fan (and I mean beyond the US readers) or thirteen.

I’ve read the
excerpt. It makes me a little sad inside.* Richie is quoted stating after the reading, "I almost felt like I didn't deserve it." I’m almost a hundred percent sure she doesn’t, maybe that'll change, but not with this book.

*I’m saying this despite the fact that I prefer Richie to Hilton in almost every endeavor.

**This "novel" also features a life size (meaning it can fit in your pocket) picture of Richie on the cover


At 9:05 AM, Blogger ben said...

i simply loved 'dancin on the ceiling' so anything mildy related has my vote of creative confidence.


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