Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Change is in the Air (or maybe that’s just rain)

I’ve changed my blog, which is obvious if you’re looking at this. I’m still working on a way to include a little mini review or a link to such review on the sidebar (also to get the images to line up properly). It’s coming together quite well and would be better if only I knew how to do things like upload pictures and change the size. It’s amazing that I can be so awesomely un-tech savvy and still manage to have a fully functional blog. This is not the first change I’ve made on a cold miserable Tuesday. This seems to be a growing monthly trend. Maybe by next month I’ll have those categories.

There has also been a blast from the past (excuse the cliché but the weather is fogging my already wine clouded brain) that caught me quite off guard and induced a short frenzy which ended with friends, wine and enough cigarettes to make my entire apartment smell like a Jersey bar. Although honestly, all the things I thought I would say, the questions I wanted answers to, should such an occasion arise don’t seem to matter much anymore. I couldn’t imagine that I would ever stop feeling the way I did then, hurt and confused, but eventually life goes on and I realized that I was the only one ever really standing still in the first place. I still only ever have amicable things say.

Last night
D listened like a girl, while my friend wrote about starfish, which is really all you can ask for. (I’m currently taking applications for girls applying to date D. Please apply here).


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