Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Happy Tuesday

Officially been one delinquent week. One entire week of debauchery and visiting friends and watching too much porn and hanging with the fellows.

One week of waking up every morning and wondering what happened the night before.

One Cold Rainy Week. But none the less glad to be back in attendance. Between being busy at work and having friends all around it was getting a little more difficult to focus on anything.

I’ve decided to change the way the posts are headed, it has come to my attention that should this blog continue a post titled “Post Number Twenty Three Hundred and Seventy Five” just isn’t as catch as “Happy Tuesday”. Also it is a little more difficult to look at the right side bar and locate a post about something if you don’t know which number it is. I am also attempting to add categories, we’ll see how that goes. Blogger doesn’t support categories, I’m way less than tech-savvy.


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