Thursday, October 13, 2005

Post Number Seventeen*

*Nobel Prize for Literature is Announced

After all the
fuss (which even included a resignation because of a past winner) the build up to this years Nobel Prize for Literature was more exciting than an episode of Lost.

I would love to speak with some authority about the work of this years winner, playwright, author, sometimes actor/director, and more recently
poet, Harold Pinter, but since I haven’t been around the literary block too many times, I can only act as a spiritual channel between those in the know and the rest of us poor schleps. Think links galore.

This one is my favorite, although it’s got nothing to do with the prize. You can go here for that. They also have pieces in theNY Times and CNN.

Either way, from what I’ve read about him he sounds like a swell guy, or maybe I’m just partial to war activist.


At 12:38 PM, Anonymous Damien said...

he looks like Andy Kaufman trying to be serious and literary


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