Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Post Number Three*

*News, shorts and other tidbits
  • Black American playwright August Wilson has died of liver cancer. One of only seven Americans to win two Pulitzer Prize, he also had two plays running on Broadway at the simultaneously, Fences (with James Earl Jones) and Joe Turner's Come and Gone. Via Guardian

  • The UnGoogleables raising internet awareness. Just as I suspected there are a group of people who purposefully avoid having an on-line presence. Among them are most of my ex-boyfriends, estranged friends and my mother.
    These unGoogleables don't post online, blog, publish or build web pages using their own names. They're careful about revealing information to businesses, belong to few organizations that can leak personal data, and never submit online resumes -- all common ways that Google captures your data.

  • Three legged mutts attract women. I waiver on readability of New York Magazine online articles from week to week, but an Allen Sakins Which Dogs Attract the Most Women was impossible to resist.
    Rudy, the three-legged mutt:
    Please do not consider sawing off a dog's leg but if you did, you'd improve your luck. Rudy, a mix of German shepherd, Airedale terrier, chow chow, and Rottweiler, has pretty much every scary dog in his pedigree. But sans a leg, he's a female sympathy sponge. As we limped toward the dog run in Union Square, I heard from a bench, Ooh, look at the poor fellow, and turned to meet Alexandra, 29, a dimple-cheeked publishing intern visiting New York from Berlin. "He's cute," she said. So was she. Rudy's drawback is that he inspires everyone, landing me in conversations with deliverymen, homeless folks, and megaphone preachers. He also did what a lot of dogs do: sniff indiscriminately at the genitals of other dogs.

    This guy strikes me as the a bit of a pervert but I wonder how many guys I know actually think like this.

  • Celebrate the like a Beatnik. Do drugs, drink wine and/or whisky and read poetry with your closest friends. October 7th marks the 50th Anniversary of the first reading of Howl. P&W.
    There were about a hundred and fifty people in the audience, including Jack Kerouac, who brought wine and shouted encouragement to the readers. Ginsberg, who was twenty-nine at the time, was next to last. When he launched into the long, mad, incantatory poem titled Howl, some say American poetry was changed forever

    Check out part one of everyone's favorite poem.


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