Monday, October 03, 2005

Post Number One

Until recently I have avoided Blogs like the plague I believed them to be, that is of course until I read the artsy literary blogs here and here. Feeling slighty inspired I decided that I could do this. I could be the next Maud Newton (well not really, but I can be entertained by the fabulous Maud Newton and then try in turn to emulate her). Of course in order to become the next Maud I'd need to actually need to review a book or the very least I could mention what I'm reading. Unfortunately, though its late, I'm tired and I haven't the energy to describe books.

We all know that's why I'll never be the next Maud.


At 1:20 AM, Blogger kaylee said...

aww! yes. you have to post something close to everyday. i love reading things you write. no matter how trivial the subject everything you say (write) sounds like something from a novel or poetry book. and i love it. love you. kaylee


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